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Tom Veitch Hi, Kid! Welcome to Earth! Original Art (1970s)

Tom Veitch Hi, Kid! Welcome to Earth! Original Art (1970s)

Veitch's cynical, large-scale collage (original drawings, pasted together with X-Acto accuracy) confronts a newborn with a panorama of poverty, war, famine, industrial pollution, erotic exploitation, torture, and consumer waste. The presiding figure appears as a fashionable ruling-class symbol of Playboy magazine. Underground Comix pioneer Veitch (brother of Rick Veitch) pursued a varied career as an avant-garde poet, as a Benedictine monk, and in later years as a prominent writer in mainstream comics. His 1990s run on a Star Wars spinoff series generated story elements that would influence the larger Star Wars motion-picture franchise. The present selection shows no publishing pedigree. Elements of nudity are prominent. Assembled in diagrammatic fashion from drawings comprising ink and shading film on Bristol board. Image area, 22.5" x 15.5".  Excellent condition, with light toning and minor handling wear.



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